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Stokholm İsveç Riches of Culture

You are welcome to Stockholm, the capital of Sweden! Discover the city, unlike no other. It is built on 14 islands, so there is always felt the proximity of water. Despite the fact that it is a major industrial center with a population of over 1.6 million people, streets and parks are surprisingly clean, and right in the center of the city you can swim and fish. In general, quite deservedly city is called the cleanest capital in the world, and hotels of Stockholm are the best. All of them are placed in the green zones; this fact gives them more beautiful features. Besides, there are often discounts. Here come people of different ages and financial status, but all find the suitable variant.

Nature and culture in this city are closely linked. In the last decade its successful development of a modern urban culture attracts the considerable interest abroad. The capital of Sweden, became known worldwide as one of the most winning and dynamic arenas of contemporary culture and art in several areas, such as design, fashion, music, art, cinema and cooking. Stockholm today is an international metropolis like London, Paris, Milan and Tokyo. It is a multiethnic place. Official language is Swedish. Believers are Lutheran (97%).There are several nice churches, scenic alleys and a large assortment of shops, restaurants and cafes.

On the development of a culture affects its natural position, expanses of water and green areas. All sides the city are surrounded by lakes, sea and forests. In one of the most beautiful buildings in Stockholm on the island of Djurgarden is located North Museum; its collection provides an excellent opportunity to learn the culture, lifestyle and features of life in Sweden. Forest cemetery Skogskyrkogarden in Stockholm is unusual not only because it is acting, but it was included in the UNESCO list of objects that have particular cultural significance. It is unique in its kind creation, uniting together the art of landscape design and architecture.

Stockholm is known for its cultural values and accommodations of the high level. All year round tourists and vacationers can get acquainted with the vibrant culture and historical sights of the city. Hotels in Stockholm have enough space to place all guests and satisfy their needs. Interior of the hotels is modern and trendy. During the last update designers have tried to consider all the trends and patterns of hotel service. Spacious, bright rooms with bright color accents will surprise you. Pleasant innovation is also a complete ban on smoking in the most hotels. The presence of additional services is required.

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